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 Test  content development for animated series titled “FrankenCreep”
Animation, Assistant Set Design, Texture design & Effects by ©Paideia Productions

    © Fantom Eye Productions L.L.C. 2012-Producer/Art Direction/Storyboard:  Juan Ramirez

Project: “FrankenCreep”

Fantom Eye Productions, LLC
August 2010 – Present
My role: Background Texture Artist, Animator, Special Effects, Digital Compositor, Layout Design, Digital Technique Consultant and technical “nerd”.

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Director Juan Ramirez Credits as
listed on Halopedia include:

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (2005), Aspyr Media, Inc.
Halo 2 (2004), Microsoft Game Studios
Halo: Combat Evolved (2001), Microsoft Game Studios
Myth II: Soulblighter (1998), Bungie Studios
Myth: The Fallen Lords (1997), Bungie Studios

In the fall of 2010, I was brought on as an artistic contributor for the creation of a 2D animated series under the direction of Juan Ramirez.

Ramirez is a phenomenal, yet relatively unknown artist who sought to establish a team of developers, animators and scriptwriters from the Midwest and Chicago areas. We sought to create an animated demo as ‘proof of concept’ for his graphic novel project, “FrankenCreep”, which would be promoted as an adult cartoon series.

He told me he did not want employees or freelancers so much as he wanted to find dedicated talent to be Co-Owners and Co-Creators of the intellectual property called “FrankenCreep”, so that those who invest the time will truly be part of something and benefit from its creation. That is when things got serious and Fantom Eye Productions, LLC was created.

I quickly became Juan’s creative partner after awhile. He taught me a lot about “how it really is” in the entertainment industry. He saw how enthused and ambitious I was to be a part of such a fun project, under his wing.

I offered my skills, time and talent as well as helped him search and recruit other artists to contribute. I helped him micromanage and delegate tasks  among other team members. I also encouraged him to allow me to build up marketing materials online and get the name out there to start building a fan base. We came really close to signing a production deal with potential investors. We all held our breath with anticipation. Unfortunately, the offering was something that Juan was not comfortable with and so he declined.

Sadly, we have reached a point where strong leadership and the establishment of a solid business organization is a priority for the survival of “FrankenCreep”. Although Juan and I were dedicated to work the long nights and endless hours in our separate home studios pursuing his vision, it simply was not possible to “keep the lights on” without real financial backing. I worked for FrankenCreep not for a salary but to be a part of the company; a co-creator as Juan told me many nights over the phone.

I still believe in our goals for “FrankenCreep”, but I had to pay my bills as well. In January of 2012, I accepted a full time corporate day job in marketing. I still cross my fingers in hopes that Juan would get the project into the hands of the right investors and launch our project. I know he still works long nights solo in his home studio, drawing and inking away. The possibly of a KickStarter Campaign or crowd funded investment is always an option. However, until that happens, “FrankenCreep”- as a team, has unfortunately been put on hold.

*I would love to show all of the footage assets the team created for the project,because I think it is all great but out of respect for Juan, all I will show on my website is the works I created solo. Please enjoy!

Paideia Productions provides custom Video Compositing, Motion Graphics, Rotoscoping and 2d or 3d Animation. Illustration, Traditional and digital painting, lighting and special effects are my expertise. Specialty services available upon request.

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