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Q & A or 'getting down to business'

Questions that are frequently asked!

Common Questions

The most common statement I hear is: “Your skills are really diverse! ” – and I take this as a huge compliment in that I am actually able and inclined to preform many functions, from company campaigns to entertainment and artistic endeavors.

The following, however, are some of the most common questions I am asked in regards to the services I provide, mainly for small businesses who are seeking to engage their clientele with interactive media and design.

Can you re-design my logo or website?

“Can you revise my preexisting  logo design concepts? What about a website? Should we re-design or begin a totally new campaign?” 

That is up to you. I can adapt your pre-existing concept designs, logo and ad campaigns into an updated, unique,  search engine friendly experience  -OR-  we can start from scratch; totally fresh!

Can you update and manage my blog?

If you chose a Website re-design or new campaign, I can update your blog content with custom made graphics that will demand attention and spark the intrigue of your viewers. If you would like me to manage your website on a regular basis, we could work out a maintenance schedule agreement, or you could hire me to strictly write copy optimized for SERPs, the acronym for “search engine result pages”.

How much do you charge?

This depends on the scope of work I am asked to do, as every customers needs are unique.

I assess the project requirements and consider the various file formats I will be creating as well as if the project will need to be created in a manner suitable for print, web or both. Licensing, selling or transferring of applicable copyrights is also considered when estimates are determined.

Because I do “wear so many hats” and have different areas of expertise, it is really difficult to determine a flat hourly rate that is fair compared to industry standards. I prefer to charge on a ‘per project’ basis.

Occasionally,  the amount of hours I expect to put into a project may exceed the clients budget and I would hate to surprise you with additional charges. However, if additional labor is required beyond our ‘initial scope of project agreement’ entails, you will be billed accordingly.

To be fair for both parties involved, I try to stay away from hourly rates with the exception being:  if I am training you or your associates on how to monitor your online presence and perform minor maintenance of your website or blog. I can teach you the “do’s” and “don’t” before you post anything that would be within SEO best practices.

Prior to starting any project, we will discuss all the variables that will be calculated and come to an agreement. *I require 1/2 down deposit and the remaining  paid upon completion.

Do you offer discounts or specialty rates?

Yes. I am able to put together a comprehensive total Brand Identity Package if you are looking for a complete overhaul or new campaign which would include graphic design elements as well as custom visual assets that you would be able to utilize for social media marketing.

A package may include logo design, vectorized graphics, web advertising banners, animations, custom Youtube, Facebook and Twitter backgrounds as well as an optional  maintenance agreement with new advertising assets delivered on a set schedule.

Other discounts and specialty rates are to be announced.

Quality content creation with the intent to be seen and heard.

Quality content creation with the intent to be seen and heard.  #graphicdesign #ftwayne #freelance