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Marketing Strategist

Total Brand Identity Packages

•I design or Re-design a complete brand identity package for your small business, community event  or corporate needs.
*this may include logo design, advertising banners, social media marketing,  brochures and other marketing feature assets per request.

•Website re-design or totally new campaign? 

That is up to you. I can adapt your pre-existing concept designs, logo and ad campaigns into an updated, unique,  search engine friendly experience  -OR-  we can start from scratch; totally fresh! I can even update your blog content with custom made graphics that will demand attention and spark the intrigue of your viewers.

Statistics show that websites with the most incoming visitors are because they have readers who come back, wanting more more more!  And that is fantastic, but in order to drive the buzz, you have to provide interesting content and keep your information current.

Maintenance is a must!  If you have a website and know that it could potentially service your needs much more than it is now, then it is time for an upgrade.

Competitor Research Analysis and website traffic statistics

I always research who your competitors are and where they stand in terms of web-rank and search engine traffic. I then examine their methods and report on my findings.

Many times, I am disappointed because I find competitors are relying mainly on advertising and pay monthly fees to be listed at the top of search engines. I am more interested in the strategy of organic optimization methods, which help achieve the high ranks without having to pay a monthly, or yearly, advertising fees such as Adwords and pay-per-click advertising.

Advertising can be expensive but it is MORE expensive if you hire an amateur who does not create original content and practice “white hat” SEO.

•SEO strategy

*I only preform what is known as ‘white-hat’- honest- search engine optimization (SEO) protocol, in accordance with standards and intregrity for real, “organic” growth patterns. I never submit a website to “spammy” directories or negative back link farms. Your results will be genuine based on the content and quality of your website and tailored to your client demographic.

Web Design Samples

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